2020-06-13 Committee Minutes

This was the first meeting of the newly-elected Ruby NZ Committee.

Attended by

  • Merrin
  • Pete
  • Phil
  • Rebecca
  • Dmitry


Introductions given

Questions for the new committee

  • Is it mandatory to share the minutes?
    • No, but we choose to for transparency.
  • How do we work? How do events work? How do we make decisions – do we use GitHub?
    • We don’t run the events ourselves (e.g. KiwiRuby). We do have an internal GitHub Issues for discussions. We mainly talk via Slack.
  • For filing, what is our AGM month and financial filing date?
    • AGM will be April 2021.
    • Financial filing 30 June 2021.

Moderation duties

  • We’ve just adopted the Contributor Covenant 2.0, but we haven’t any occasion to apply the enforcement guidelines yet.
  • Mostly spam in the last year, but in previous years there’s been more drama.
  • We want ~3 designated moderators this year to delete spam and deal with any issues
  • Who should have moderation powers?
    • Everyone
  • Who should be publicly-designated a moderator?
    • Rebecca, Dmitry, Merrin, and Phil happy to be designated. Ed to be asked.
  • How should we moderate?
    • We’ll have a moderation channel like we did last year, to reach out and clarify with each other if we need to.


  • Grant applications from 18 June 2020 to 19 July 2021?
    • Why not 10 days, to allow us to pay out before the end of the tax year? There’s only one weekend left. It’s not much time to get the word out or to prepare an application.
  • We should encourage early applications and approve good ones before the end of our financial year (30 June).
  • Treasurer wondering about GST implications. Treasurer to investigate more.
  • Motion: Run 18 June 2020 to 19 July 2021, allowing for grants to be issued before 30 June. Unanimously passed. Subcommittee to review grants: Pete, Phil, Dmitry, Rebecca. Merrin has abstained in order to impartially help community members to apply. Merrin to provide some guidance on potential scoring criteria.

Other business

  • Christchurch has lost its meet-up venue.
  • Sponsoring local meet-ups?
    • Meet-up sizes
      • Christchurch: 10-12
      • Auckland: < 10
      • Wellington: ~30 (but not very regular)
    • Motion: To encourage attendance, provide $300 each for Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington (if it happens) meet-ups to be catered. Unanimously passed.
    • Motion: To encourage speakers, provide $300 each for Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington meet-ups to buy gifts for speakers. Unanimously passed.
    • Rebecca to inform Auckland meet-up. Merrin to inform Wellington meet-up. Phil to inform Christchurch meet-up.