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Ruby New Zealand is a community of people who are passionate about Ruby and want to help make it more accessible to you in New Zealand.

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For code chat, job listings, ruby help, keyboard nerdery, and banter, join us on Slack. We're also on Twitter at @RubyNewZealand.


Check and update your membership, or register to become a member. Becoming a member means that you can have your say in the Ruby AGM ✨

Local Meetups

  • Auckland: This is a monthly group that explores the use of Ruby. Welcomes anyone interested in the language!
  • Wellington: WellRailed: Wellington's Ruby on Rails Community Group
  • Christchurch: Super friendly group of programmers meeting monthly to discuss all things about the Ruby programming language.

Do you run a meetup that's not listed here? Make a pull request to add yours to the site.

Code of Conduct

Ruby New Zealand has a code of conduct for all its events, projects, and services that members are expected to abide by. An up-to-date copy is available here.

About Us

Ruby New Zealand fosters and supports the Ruby programming language, its users and community in New Zealand. It assists with community events such as local meetups, Rails Camps and Rails Girls, and helps ensure these are safe and welcoming spaces.

Ruby NZ was incorporated on June 5th 2014, and is Society #2606303.

Society Rules

Read about the Rules of Ruby New Zealand Incorporated from here.

Current Committee

After the vote held during the AGM held on May 26, 2022 the committee was:

  • President: Ben Tillman
  • Secretary: Michael Yin
  • Treasurer: Philip Arndt
  • General Members:

Meeting Minutes

2020-06-13 Committee Minutes

2020-07-10 Committee Minutes

Older minutes can be found on GitHub.

Past Committee Members

Slack Moderators

Members of the committee moderate Slack to make sure that we're all following the Code of Conduct. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact our moderators on Slack. They might not always be online, so send them a direct message if you need to talk to them.
  • @ben tillman
  • @Hannah Oldroyd
  • @drlawler
  • @eadz
  • @mhaylock
  • @layerssss
  • @parndt
  • @sarah.hay
  • @Edu Depetris